Sightseeing Barcelona

Our flight went well, after a small delay because the inbound flight landed late. Even security checks worked out smoothly and fast. I guess prepacking fluids and cables in transparent bags upfront helped. I wondered why I brought my passport though, it never got checked.

After a quick registration and backpack collection at the conference center and check-in at Hotel Jazz, we were all set to spend the rest of the day sightseeing Barcelona. With the knowledge of the Channel 9 count down shows and tips from colleagues at home we went to see the Sagrada Familias, Parc Guell, the Barceloneta beach and La Rambla, In between Sander collected two geocaches.

The Sagrada Familias we only viewed from outside due to the long waiting queues at the entrance and the tight time schedule. Am I an architectural no-know calling Gaudi’s design awkwardly ugly? Next stop Parc Guell. We knew no subway line would get us really close, so we walked from Joarnic station all the way to the highest point. It is quite a climb, if you take the stairways in the park. Our advise if you visit the park; skip the non-public section, the rest of the park will give you a great impression of Gaudi’s style and the views over the city.

As it was almost 17:00h when we got back to the subway station Joarnic, it was time to get some beer and fingerfood. Where can you get that any better than at the sight of the sea and beach.

At Barceloneta beach we found a nice little bar (actually the first on the beach) and I introduced Sander to Spanish ham as his first steps in fingerfoods. Combined with a bottle of Mexican beer at sunset.

After that we strolled backed to our hotel over La Rambla. Let’s put it like this; Been there, seen it, didn’t get pickpocketed. If you have seen it once, it is enough. The market on the side of La Rambla is much more interesting to stroll over.

Back in our hotel and refreshed a bit, we got a great tip for one of the best spots for tapas. Cuidad Condal. No reservation options, just get in line, ask for a table and wait. We ended up waiting 40 minutes for a table. But once seated we got amazing tapas. After dessert, we headed back to the hotel and prepared for the first day of the TechEd.

Last preparations for the TechEd

Suitcase has been dusted off. Passport is valid and easy to grab. Ticket voucher printed. Clothes selected. Devices & chargers selected. I just need to install a remaining software, I will need, at the Surface Pro 3 and practice my handwriting skills in OneNote a bit more. This way I am able to¬†support my current […]